Delivering Online Continuing Education (CE) to the Water Well Industry

Since 2005 the ISWD's focus has shifted to offering training to those already in the water well drilling industry. Continuing education as a requirement for license renewal is required in 27 states. The remaining states are likely to join the majority over time. ISWD is proud to offer continuing education credits for the well drilling industry online.

The International School of Well Drilling was established in May 2002 to serve the needs of the water well, environmental, & geotechnical sectors of the drilling industry. During 2003-2004 the School's 4-week training program offered solid training in the basic skills needed by all those choosing to train for a career in the drilling industry.

Since opening, ISWD has trained hundreds of students nationally and internationally. These students have included those seeking to enter the drilling industry, those currently employed at a junior level in the industry, as well as industry regulators and licensed well drillers seeking to further their knowledge.

Our students have taken training programs ranging from 4-week industry entry preparation programs, 1-week professional development programs, and 1-2 day continuing education seminars.

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What if

I have a power outage or a computer crash etc. while I am doing my course?

No Problem – Simply log in to the ISWD site, once again and the site will allow you to resume where you left off.

I cannot complete the full course in one sitting?

No Problem – ISWD’s new site remembers where you left off. Simply log back into our site – and resume your course.

I do not receive my certificate?

No Problem. – You can contact ISWD by simply pressing the RED Contact Us button on the home page of our website. This will allow you to send us an email. Please tell us1. Your name2Your State3. The name of the course you took online, 4. Thdate you took the courseAnd, 5. Very importantly – Your correct email address.  When we receive this information from you, we will send you a duplicate copy of your certificate.

I do not have a license Number. I am an apprentice or just want to do a course for general interest?

No Problem. – In the space where it asks for your License/Apprentice Number, simply type – Applicant.